Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Number Three is on the Way!

Yesterday morning (i.e., Tuesday, October 23, 2007), Charlotte and I were shocked to find we are pregnant with our third child! This pregnancy, by far, caught us the most off guard, as Alex is only 4 months old.

The past year has been a really remarkable time for our family as we've moved into a much bigger house and Charlotte is able to stay home with Alyse & Alex now, which is more of a blessing than we ever dared dream.

Just to ward off any future questions, yes we are hoping for a boy this time around, but obviously will not in any way be disappointed if we are blessed with another little girl.

I'll keep you updated here.

Pregnant with baby number three.

Pregnant with Alexa.

Pregnant with Alyse.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This past week was cause for much celebration as the Butlers (i.e., Jeremy, Amy, Jack, & Evie) were down visiting from Wyoming. The primary significance was it was the first time any of the Allens (i.e., Drew, Charlotte, Alyse, & Alex) had got to see little Evelyn (a.k.a. "Evie"), and the first time any of the Butlers (i.e., see parenthetical notation above) got to see Alexa (a.k.a. "Alex").

Of course, Alex and Evie together ranked top in the cuteness department. Below are some pictures of this happy reunion (initial union is some cases).

(You can see more pictures from the Butler's Visit on Flickr!)

Evie & Alex
Evelyn Jane Butler & Alexa Lylith Allen

Unky Jeremy & Alex
Unky Jeremy & Alex Bear

Evie & Aunt Charlotte
Aunt Charlotte & Evie

Alex & Aunt Amy
Aunt Amy & Alex Bear

Evie & Alex
Evie & Alex Close Up!

Jack Give Alex an Extra Big Kiss
Jack Greets His Newest Cousin

Big Hug
Aunt Amy & Alyse

Upset Cousin Toddlers Eating
Alyse & Jack

Sleeping Babies!
Worn Out from all the Attention