Saturday, November 26, 2005


Alyse has completed 75% of her stay in the womb. She truly is on the homestretch now.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Baby Registry

We've finally become sucked into Target's cooperate vacuum of registering for baby stuff so that all of our friends and family will come into Target stores, empty their pockets and scuttle off. (I put a link to the registry in the sidebar in case you are browsing the baby blog again someday and randomly decide to go out and buy more stuff!)

Fine by me, of course, so long as the stuff is plentiful and free.

As we were dutifully and greedily scanning items at will, an old friend of Charlotte's approached us and exclaimed, "Are you expecting??"

You know, as I reflect on it now, the question, "are you expecting" is one that should really never be asked. Obviously, if one is too unsure as to the actuality of the pregnancy and requires additional confirmation from the person in question, he is fiddling much too much in dangerous territory.

Monday, November 14, 2005

28 Weeks!

Twenty-eight weeks has arrived. Being the mathmatical genius I am, I made the following calculation on my cell phone calculator:


This means, obviously, we are roughly 70% through the pregnancy. This also means, also obviously, there is only roughly 30% of the pregnancy left. But something tells me, given Alyse's superior genetic makeup, she'll be ready ahead of schedule—even if it is only two days early and I get my wish of a groundhog baby!

There have been many significant changes in Alyse's demeanor over the past few weeks. What once were sporadic and quick movements have transformed into longer, sustained movements over the surface of Charlotte's belly. In fact, several times throughout the day one may feel a large solid spot (which is either her head, back, or bum), if one was so inclined. Sometimes Charlotte and I sit and watch her belly during Alyse's most active times and just watch it move, and move, and move, and move....