Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mas Grande

Here is Charlotte 21 weeks along and only 19 (or so) more to go. The doctor told us that at about 18-19 weeks she may start to feel the baby move. It wasn't until the 20th week that she suddenly felt a little bump one night after I had routinely put my hand on her belly. A few days later, I was absolutely shocked to feel a little jolt myself. In fact, two nights ago, the baby was notably active—Charlotte placed my hand on the top of her stomach and I got a BIG kick. It continues to amaze me.

Baby 10 Weeks Old!

It's so hard to believe this was taken more than 11 weeks ago in the middle of July. It seems as though the Obstetricians of America are conspiring against us, as we will not be able to see our baby again until the first part of November. Actually, it's not so annoying now that the baby has started to flail about in the womb. It comes as a huge suprise to me that I would already be able to feel the baby move this early in the pregnancy. Those kicks keep getting stronger and stronger...

Monday, September 26, 2005

Coming Soon...

I look forward to seeing you in February.