Monday, February 11, 2008

Sonogram Pictures!

Here are a few select pictures from our recent sonogram:

Definitely a girl. Like her sisters before her, she's not modest about it, either.

A sweet close-up of her precious little face in color.

Another clear face shot. This one is my favorite.

A regular sonogram picture of her little foot.

A great 3D shot of her little legs!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Alyse's Birthday Present

The news is officially in.

Super Tuesday for us this year was much more about finding out that we will be having our third girl, than it was finding out who becomes the clear front runner in the Democrat and Republican parties. As the news (about our baby, not the primaries) came sandwiched between Alyse's birthday party and her actual birthday (today - Thursday, February 7, 2008), we're counting it as one of her presents.

Picking out a name has come with much more difficulty this time around than with Alex. Charlotte and I wanted to stick with the A.L.A. initial scheme, but had not intended for the first *two* letters of the first name to be the same, nor the fact that the first and middle names have the exact same number of letters. Ergo, we have resolved to stick with it and do the same for our third daughter.

Naturally, we have disagreed on each other's picks and a peaceful negotiation doesn't appear to be coming anytime soon.

With it, the gender news also brings with it some tacitly implied news: the Allens will have at least four children.

But it will probably be more.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures from Alyse's grand old birthday shebang.

(To see more of Alyse's birthday pictures, please visit her birthday picture set on Flickr!)